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Today’s Stream of Consciousness

Today, I’m making my first attempt to create a blog entry on my iPad using the much-loveblogsy_icond blogsy app. The result: So far, so good. Intuitive (I haven’t looked at their tutorial videos yet), easy to use, designed for iPad’s touch-n-swipe interface. And, even better, a lot less frustrating compared to my initial experience with the WordPress app (which is fine for simple stuff, but is not very feature-rich…although the price is right!) [Update, January 28, 2016: Blogsy is no longer with us. Sigh.]

And, now for the abrupt change of subject (befitting the stream of consciousness)—

As the 11-year solar sunspot cycle continues to heat up…

…the effects of another impressive solar flare are headed towards Earth in the next 24 sxi_20120306_235815165_ba_15hours. Updates about expected impacts on radio transmissions, auroral activity, etc. are issued by NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center and posted here. It doesn’t look like the auroral activity will be seen this far south (40°N), but it really doesn’t matter because we’ll be covered in clouds through tonight.

Temperature at KDEN, past 2 days

And, just why is it so cloudy in Colorado? Because of a cold front which moved rapidly down the Front Range of the central Rockies last night. We went from 73°F yesterday (just 2°F shy of the record high temperature for March 6) to a current temperature of 27°F—a 45°F drop!

Hmmm…just ran across an oddity in blogsy. I wanted to use the degree symbol (HTML code: ° or °, but when I went into the HTML editor side of blogsy and put in the code, then returned to the rich text editor side (with a real-time preview of the blog entry), no degree symbol…just the actual HTML code is shown. We’ll see what happens after I post this to the WordPress site…
Update after my post: While blogsy does not show the degree symbol in its rich text editor, the degree symbol shows up just fine (as I had hoped) on the WordPress site. Good. Blogsy passes the test!


Cool Cat

In the midst of evaluating the seemingly innumerable WordPress themes to discover the “one perfect theme for me,” I realized I needed a post with an embedded image which I could use to test the look of various themes.  Given the plethora of photos in my library, it was fairly easy to find one to use.  But, rather than choosing just any picture, I went for one showing one of my all-time favorite cats—Cleo*, who is now in kitty heaven.  He was one cool cat and is perfect for a test image.

Cleo, the Cool Kitty

*Cleo: Originally thought to be a little female feline when adopted as a tiny, but cute kitten, Cleo was first named Cleopatra because of the dark markings around “her” eyes.  When it was later discovered that she was a he, Cleopatra became Cleo and he lived a long, happy life highlighted by his distinctive name.

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