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Griffiths Island: Lightstations and Stratocumulus

After a bit of effort scanning through my digital photo library, I found a nice image to use as the banner for this blog.  Then, I used Apple’s Keynote software to resize it and add two critical pieces: the requisite blog title and all-important one-line description of what this blog might contain.  Griffiths Island LightstationMy banner picture is of the Griffiths Island Lightstation (or Lighthouse) in Port Fairy on the southern coast of Australia.  Port Fairy is at the western end of “The Great Ocean Road,” the beautiful ocean-hugging route in Victoria, Australia, from Melbourne west towards Mount Gambier.  This lighstation is one of more than 350 in Australia, many of which have quite interesting histories and are open to the public.  They are well worth the visit if you happen to find yourself in Australia with a penchant for picture-taking or want to absorb some local history.

By using a lighthouse picture for a banner, I’ve managed to knock off several birds with the one proverbial stone: the seascape/lighthouse picture fits nicely into the banner-required 9×2 aspect ratio, its blue hues blend harmoniously with the blog’s thematic colors, it connotes all sorts of deep meanings about potential topics for this blog (think lighthouse metaphor :)), and, finally, it presents a nice depiction of the typical stratocumulus layer that often hugs the Australian south shore.  All in all, the banner pic has much going for it—we’ll see how long it lasts. 🙂

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