Cool Cat

In the midst of evaluating the seemingly innumerable WordPress themes to discover the “one perfect theme for me,” I realized I needed a post with an embedded image which I could use to test the look of various themes.  Given the plethora of photos in my library, it was fairly easy to find one to use.  But, rather than choosing just any picture, I went for one showing one of my all-time favorite cats—Cleo*, who is now in kitty heaven.  He was one cool cat and is perfect for a test image.

Cleo, the Cool Kitty

*Cleo: Originally thought to be a little female feline when adopted as a tiny, but cute kitten, Cleo was first named Cleopatra because of the dark markings around “her” eyes.  When it was later discovered that she was a he, Cleopatra became Cleo and he lived a long, happy life highlighted by his distinctive name.


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Dave Linder: Meteorologist, computer scientist, writer... and one who enjoys a well-timed quick quip.

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