Low Pressure Secrets

Quiz of the day:  What do all the following symbols depict?

Answer:  Well, you might think each is a different way to represent a surface low pressure system like what you might see on your favorite daily weather map (for example, from The Weather Channel).  [Note: Northern Hemisphere only.  Down south of the Equator, the winds spin clockwise around these things.]  It turns out, though, one is an outlier.  This symbol:

might look vaguely familiar—for it is the “History” button from the iPad Google Search App (Note: If you don’t have an iPad or the Google Search App, you can see a screen shot of what I’m talking about here.  The History icon is at the lower-left of the main screen.)  It looks like this:

Whoa!  Where did that come from?  And, when did the symbol for a low pressure system become an image to represent search history?  My best guess is one of the Google button-icon graphics artists secretly is a fanatical weather weenie, and this icon was a perfect way to subtly expose that interest.  Very clever!  Even more so, I bet if I were to hop on a plane to go taste a Barossa Valley Shiraz, the app would automagically respond to my hemispheric orientation and convert the icon to:

Very nice!


About notjustweather

Dave Linder: Meteorologist, computer scientist, writer... and one who enjoys a well-timed quick quip.

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