Tired of the Same Old Job?

Today’s installment in celebration of National Poetry Month is another fairly recent addition to the poetry universe…

Tired of the Same Old Job?
by David Meuel 

Then consider a career in poetry.
We’re POETEK, an acknowledged leader
in the burgeoning American poetry industry.
We excel in all the proven forms:
historical, pastoral, tragical, and lyrical.
And, if that’s not your style, we’re also
committed to producing the daring,
irreverent, and no-holds-barred.
We’re looking for energetic self-starters,
people who can do as well as dream,
people, perhaps, like you.
We have immediate openings for poets
in our Heroic Couplet, Epic,
and Horatian Ode divisions.
And, to meet exploding customer demand,
we’ll soon be staffing up
in our industry-leading Alienation Division.
We’ll start you out at $90K,
review your salary every six months,
and give you a great benefits package.
If that isn’t enough, we’ll set you up
in your own office
with your own expense account
and your own company car.
Keats only dreamed
of soaring with his nightingale.
You can soar with us!

POETEK, an equal opportunity employer.

For reference, see “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats.

Islands in the Sky
Poems by David Meuel, Palo Alto, CA: Purism Creek Press, 1997, pp. 56-57.


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Dave Linder: Meteorologist, computer scientist, writer... and one who enjoys a well-timed quick quip.

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